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How Orangetheory works

Orangetheory is a heart-rate based HIIT total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out. It’s designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, MORE results, and MORE confidence, all to deliver you MORE LIFE.  Orangetheory is more than a gym because the work you do here in our studio will make all the difference out there in your world.

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What Happens In Class



Every stroke on the rower activates 85% of your body’s muscles to help you improve endurance, strength and power.



Whether you walk, jog or run, you’ll go at your own pace based on your fitness level. We also have bikes and striders available as alternates to the treadmill.


Strength Training

Our weight and floor exercises change daily so you can focus on different muscles. Your coach can provide options for any movement if you have injuries or limitations.


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  • Track challenges and benchmarks.

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  • Track out-of-studio workouts.

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